Smiles for miles – Deniz Yılmaz


Of late I have been thinking that the world needs more love and compassion. More stories on everyday heroes that make you think it’s still all right with the world. On this note I’d like to introduce my friend, the beautiful Deniz Yılmaz who’s a living example of this. Her passion for charity work and helping those in need is truly inspiring. You can see this when her face lights up as she tells me about the children that she’s helping, through her work as a life and education coach. And come fall, you can find her stocking up winter clothes and books for underprivileged kids in town.

You can see why she loves working with kids, she has a childlike nature and insatiable curiosity about her that’s infectious and Istanbul feels all new as we stroll down her streets. She tells me her name means ‘the sea’ in Turkish, so you know you’ll always find her near the shores. While her calm and positive manner goes well with her work as a Life coach, she’s equally at ease biking and diving around the world.

It’s always motivating to meet a beautiful soul like Deniz and the world is richer for that.

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