Solo in Zürich

Solo in Zürich

Travel soothes my soul and this trip was a self-discovery of sorts. It was my first experience as a solo traveller. Usually I travel with family or friends but this time I decided to have a date with Zürich on my own. It was exhilarating to say the least. As a travel blogger my advice to solo women travellers out there is to choose a country that makes you feel safe and Switzerland definitely ticks that box. It saved my family and me a lot of worries. For this trip I checked myself into the Marriott Zürich. It overlooks the Limmat river and offers beautiful panoramic views of the old town and is just minutes away from the Swiss National Museum and the Zürich train station.


Little big city

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, a global center for banking and finance, and is a major contemporary art and shopping destination. For art buffs, important artworks are displayed in the Kunsthaus and the Rietberg Museum and lovers of fashion can indulge their every whim and perhaps rub shoulders with the Sultan of Brunei in Bahnhofstrasse and Niederdorf. Don’t miss Chagall’s amazing stained glass windows in the Fraumunster or Zürich’s lively night scene and be spoiled for choice from its 500 clubs and bars.

Another place that i really loved is Grossmünster this iconic twin-towered Romanesque cathedral is a symbol of reformed Zürich, go up the tower for a great view of Zürich, though the stairs can be quite steep.

This picturesque city on Lake Zürich has excellent public transport but can be pricey so try to get a city pass which covers other transports like buses, trams etc. as well. And do take advantage of the free bikes available. I rode one myself through its beautiful streets, with the wind rustling through my hair and you’ll agree that nothing beats that feeling.


Swiss warmth

I must add that I found the Swiss very polite and helpful. I remember the nice taxi driver who took me around the city and showed me some of the city’s sights and that too without any extra charge! Such a nice gesture to a complete stranger! While another person I met in the shopping area of Bahnhofstrasse recommended that I shop at the main station as it’s much more reasonable priced, such an invaluable tip!

And you realize that trust in other people is an important component of social capital, and it’s nice to have faith in others.


Mouthwatering tongue-twisters

Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional Swiss dishes tend to be rich and made from fresh ingredients.

For food dine on Züri Gschnätzlets, a dish made of sliced veal strips, white wine, cream, and demiglace and don’t leave Zürich without trying the Swiss classic, Fondue – melted cheese and fresh bread, need I say more? Their sausages are delicious too .


What Zürich has in store for you

Looking for gifts? Then head to the Zürich main train station “Hauptbahnhof”, you’ll find it’s way cheaper here than at the Bahnhofstrasse. You can find also find a huge variety of Swiss handicrafts and the famous Swiss army knives here.

You have to agree that the Swiss have perfected the art of chocolate making. You can’t miss a chance to try it at Sprüngli – a Zürich institution that offers a variety of sweet and savoury goodies including a wide variety of chocolates, from hand-made truffles to special chocolate bars. It’s a trip you won’t regret.

For Zürich events like exhibitions, concerts, stages, parties and much more check it out – HERE


Goodbye captivating city.







  1. I see your site is similar to my blog. Do you allow guest posting?
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    if you are interested.

    • JAM

      sure 🙂

  2. Nelle

    Your description of the city really makes me want to visit one day! I The night time picture of the illuminated building and the bridge over the water is beautiful!

    • JAM

      thanks Nelle 🙂

  3. I’m planning a solo trip to Zurich and find this very informative. I will have a local friend so I won’t be too lost but it’s nice to have something to ask her to show you while you are there . Will it be easy to walk around in early November ? Will the water cruises still be available?

    • JAM

      Hi Unishta, yes it will be easy to walk, just get some layers and an umbrella ( incase) , for the water cruises they will be available , check , bon voyage 🙂

  4. Zurich is clean, prosperous ,and green. Zurich is an expensive place to visit, it’s a great start or ending point for exploring Switzerland. Thanks for sharing.

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