The French Riviera fashion file


I bet you that when I say Côte d’Azur or its English version – the French Riviera, you think of the Cannes Film Festival, magnificent beaches and its love affair with glamor. Even to this day, it feels like you are in a yesteryear film while driving along the azure coast with the wind in your hair.

And of course being at the world’s most glamorous celebrity vacation spot you also need to vacay like a star.

As you know through the decades fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, have lent their trademark allure to this place and forever stamped these glamorous moments in minds young and old.

So here are some style tips to stand out, in a place where the world’s most luxurious yachts anchor, stunning nature entice and A-listers frolic, without sacrificing comfort.


Très chic in the day

The iconic Riviera ensemble:

For the chicest look, choose WHITE.

Other must-haves include one piece swimsuits, Cat-eye sunglasses, Horizontal stripes, Vintage bikinis, cropped pants, a silk scarf for your head, a floppy hat and a straw bag.

You can’t go wrong with these iconic look pieces which will no doubt add elegance to every situation.

Très sophisticated at Night

A night out in Cote d’Azur is all about “see-and-be-seen” in the hottest nightclubs. Dress fashionably and remember no more beach wear, get your finest cocktail dress and heels on, and hit the dance floor.

Let your gold jewelry sparkle like summer night stars against bronzed skin.

This is definitely the place where your best pieces come out and you can indulge in them.


Stay chic!



Luxury hotels have a dress code at dinner time. And they don’t allow people in beachwear into the restaurants.

You won’t be able to resist shopping here, there are many exquisite boutiques around.



Dina Fawakhiri of Jordan

Born and raised in the UAE, Dina Fawakhiri returned to her native Amman to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design in 1997, and began working in advertising soon after. 15 years later, Dina left the industry as Creative Director to one of Jordan’s most prominent agencies, with numerous awards to her name to pursue a freelance career as an Illustrator.

As a young artist, Dina’s favourite medium was pencil on paper, preferring black and white to colour, with smooth rounded lines and perfect forms. But the fast-paced, commercially-driven advertising world eventually influenced her work as an artist. Inspired by the ease and speed of digital illustration, Dina’s lines got simpler, cleaner, bolder and faster. She began experimenting with colour and found herself drawn to digital art as a new medium that lent itself to surrealist conceptual exploration.

One of Dina’s first memorable dalliances with the arts was at age 8, when she painstakingly created miniature cereal boxes for her Barbie. Barbie herself may not have appreciated the great lengths Dina had gone to in order to ensure the boxes’ accuracy, but her incredible patience, appreciation for perfect forms and labour-intensive attention to minute details were all indicative of a budding signature style that would continue to inform Dina’s creative processes to this day.

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