Discovering Bavarian Tradition in Munich

Discovering Bavarian Tradition in Munich

Rich in history and culture, the capital of Bavaria has a lot of unique and fun things to offer. There is something for everyone: great museums, multicultural cuisines, parks, excellent beer, galleries and shopping. And the best part, it’s always a good time to visit! For in the summer and autumn you have your beer gardens, parks and Oktoberfest, while in the winter you can experience the lovely Christmas markets.

Munich’s must-see

Neues Rathaus (New town hall) and Marienplatz

The most happening part of the city, for people watching and also to see the majestic neo-gothic Rathaus tower for the famed Glockenspiel performance, entertainment from a bygone era, depicting a royal wedding.


The Englischer Garten

Want a spot of quiet to contemplate? Head here. This magnificent park is perfect for a picnic, hike and to relax. The Chinese tower inside the park is one of the oldest beer gardens and should you wish to skip the beer there’s also river surfing at the entrance.


Nymphenburg Palace

Take a stroll like the Bavarian kings of old in this impressive baroque palace, which served as the summer residence of the royals. The Palace features luxuriously decorated interiors, a spectacular banquet hall, a lovely park and a museum.



From Monet to Van Gogh, Rubens to Rembrandt, a unique collection of German masters and many more will satisfy your art cravings at the Alte (old) and Neue (modern) Pinakothek.


BMW Museum

Looking for something more fast paced? Don’t miss this museum to view the history of the iconic Bavarian luxury car brand. This very popular museum is a must for every BMW fan.



Join thousands as they come to celebrate what Munich is most famous for: the Oktoberfest. Enjoy the lively experience at this two-week long festival which begins at the end of September with live music, a fair and of course some of the best beer in the world.


Out of town

Munich is amazing on its own, but if you are looking for a day outside of the Bavarian capital, here are some of my recommendations.

Dachau Concentration Camp

It was an incredibly moving experience to learn about what happened there. It’s about a half hour train ride from Munich.

Neuschwanstein Castle

About an hour and a half drive from Munich, you may already know this fairy tale castle at the foothills of the Alps built by the mad king Ludwig II.


Guten Appetit

The variety in the German cuisine surprised me, influenced by the Czech and Austrian cuisines, it offers up some great fare. Here are some food that you must try.  

Flammkuchen – The German version of pizza

Gebratene Mandeln – Candied almonds that make a great snack

Kaiserschmarrn – Shredded pancake that’s sweet and delicious

Auszogne – A very popular fried dough pastry

Leberkase – A delicious meatloaf that looks like cheese but doesn’t contain any liver nor cheese!

Breze – Is any trip complete without a brezel in hand and wandering the streets of Munich?

Also don’t forget to eat a traditional Bavarian meal at the Hofbrauhaus, a Munich institution where you can enjoy rich meat dishes, dumplings and delicious bread.


From traditional markets to luxury boutiques, Munich delivers on all fronts when it comes to shopping. Visit the Viktualienmarkt for the best local delicacies, the Maximilianstrasse Boulevard for exclusive designer goods and the Marienplatz and Neuhausser if you’re looking for high street shopping.


Before Auf Wiedersehen

Munich, even if its roots are embedded in tradition, you’ll find, throughout the city an abundance of modern design and architecture, cuisine and more. And this confluence of tradition and modernity makes Munich truly special.

I would also like to mention that my Munich trip was during winter, and I got all the packing tips from Elle , you can find many travelling tips there.

Until next time!

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