About Me


Meet Shereen : the face and vision behind Travel with Jam.

Travel with Jam has come to life through the personal experiences and vision of Shereen, a spirited and enthusiastic adventure-seeker with a taste for the sweeter things of life.

She adeptly balances a rewarding, fulfilling career with an insatiable love for exploring the world. She approaches travel with the same positivity and passion that she applies to all facets of her life, embracing diverse new experiences at every turn. Wherever she finds herself – from a busy street in London to a sunny beach in San Diego – Shereen manages to craft unforgettable memories. Whether she’s enjoying tea and tiramisu at the St. Regis in Rome, sampling the local fare from rickety food stalls in Istanbul, uncovering history in Indianapolis, or exploring nature in Portland, Shereen is always open to indulging in whatever life decides is on the menu.

When she’s not discovering delightful new corners of the globe, Shereen’s eclectic interests and hobbies – from horseback riding to fine dining, to fashion and fitness – keep her busy. That said, she always makes time for her friends and loved ones – and for meeting new people as well!

With her vibrant spirit and social nature, it’s no surprise that she is eager to share her travels with others. This is why she created Travel with Jam: to connect with people around the world through a million little experiences, inspiring her readers, friends, and followers to set off on their own adventures.

Why Jam?

‘Jam’ is Shereen’s nickname; it’s short for ‘jameela,’ which means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic. The name ‘Shereen’ also happens to be a Kurdish word that means ‘sweetness’ (you know, sweet like jam!). For Shereen, traveling is a major part of what makes life beautiful. When you Travel with Jam, you’re getting a taste of the sweet life.